Entertainment Ideas for a Teen Party

Planning a party for a teenager can be an impossible task as they are at an age where they are too old for most of the games you used to plan for all those princess and superhero parties. Thus, this article would explore some more grown-up party games that are suited for a teenager’s birthday party.

Water Games

The ultimate water party game for teens is water war although it may not be the parents favourite. To play this game the guests would be divided into groups and each group would be given a color. Thus, all the guests would be given water guns and similarly to paintball wars the guests would be required to shoot at the members from other teams using your teams color whilst being careful not to get hit. However, one would require a large area to successfully play this game. However, those parents who do not wish for everyone to get pain on themselves can instead hire a mechanical surfboard Sydney for the teens to use. Furthermore, one can also arrange water balloon baseball where one individual would have to throw water balloons to batters and a successful hit would consist of the balloon bursting. A water limbo game could also be arranged where one individual would have to spray a strong stream of water from a hose to create a limbo bar and other guests would have to see how low they can go. For those who have a pool in their backyard can also opt to arrange a pool volleyball tournament.

Adventure Games

A sure to be party favourite is to arrange for a climbing wall to be set up in your backyard for the teens to climb or you could even take the teens to a recreational center that offers such games. One can also opt for an inflatable obstacle course Sydney to be set up in your backyard for the teens to enjoy. You could also arrange to take the teenagers go carting or our to a paint ball game or even arrange a laser tag tournament.

Other Activities

For those teens who do not wish to partake in any games, you could instead arrange for them to have a movie night with a sleepover. Furthermore, if there is only a limited amount of guests, you could plan a day outing where you can take them to the beach or even to the mall.

With these tips you can for sure make your teenager’s birthday both a success and an unforgettable experience.

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