How to increase the chances of passing your periodical exams

Exam week is approaching in a few weeks and you and your friends are starting to get nervous and get low scores. This is a normal feeling especially if you are not the straight A type of student. But don’t worry because we will help you and your friends in overcoming this kind of struggle in school academics and make sure that you will increase your chances of passing al periodical tests moving forward.


As kids you and your friends are also busy with a lot of extra curricular things such as your hobbies and sports activities that sometimes hinders you from studying. Don’t worry, we understand your situation. And our aim is to help you get better grades in school without giving up the things that you love to do. Below are some effective tips on how to get the ball rolling.


1.)Be attentive in class and participate during class discussions

Let’s face it and accept that this is a common problem of most students who are struggling to keep their grades up.  Did you know that keeping focused during class will help you decrease the hours spent on studying at home? Because when you and your friends are listening to what your teacher is saying instead of daydreaming or passing notes to each other, you are basically learning almost everything that will appear on your test papers which will make studying a lot easier for you and your friends.


2.)Set enough time to review all your lessons at least a week before your school exams

It would be nice if you create or organize a study group with your friends.  Look for an ideal place to study such as the local school library or go visit geelong meeting room and book a few hours so that you and your friends can study and exchange helpful ideas. It would be better if you could invite 1 older person that can supervise your study session and help you and your friends answer any questions that you might have.


3.)Avoid Cramming like what most students nowadays are doing

In short do not study on the last minute because chances are you won’t be able to retain everything that you should need to know. Spend at least 2 hours a day doing your homework and reviewing the lessons for the day. Establish good study habits with friends and we guarantee you that life will be easier for everyone. You will also be surprised that tests scores will show a huge improvement which will make your parents very happy.

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